Rule Book

A one way radio system (receive only) is mandatory in all divisions.


Track radio frequency is 454.000

All classes must have transponders

Chemung SUNOCO Modified Rules
SUNOCO Modified Crate Engine Option
SUNOCO Modified Two-Way Radio Rules

Four Cylinder Rules
Hobby Stock Rules
Super Stock Rules
Chemung Speedrome Legend/Bandolero Rules

Track Membership Registration


QUESTIONS: Contact Ray Hodge (607) 483-3468

General Rulebook

We hope to bring back the fun of racing that got us all involved to begin with. We are going to be a management team that will be here to enjoy our sport with you. We will be available to answer your questions and take your comments and criticisms. The only way that this race track will survive is with all of us working together. We, as owners and management, realize that we need each and every car to make our living. We also hope that neither of us ever forgets how important we are to each other.

COMPETITORS: Any Driver racing in more than one (1) class must pay another entry fee for each additional class.

FUEL: Sunoco fuel will be the official fuel for Chemung Speedrome. Sunoco purple 110 fuels will be sold at Chemung Speedrome. There will be no mixing of fuels. There will be no additives added to fuels. 

All car owners in the Sunoco Mod and the Super Stock classes are required to purchase and run 5 gallons of the Sunoco 110 fuel each week. You need to make sure a receipt is given to you for your purchase. You could be asked for your receipt at some point during the night so keep it handy. Your receipt will be numbered and a copy will be kept in your file. If you are found not to have purchased 5 gallons of fuel at the track each night you could lose all money and points for that night, and a fine may incur.


All Complaints and concerns are to be shared DIRECTLY with management and officials, NOT in a public manner via Social Media.

Any person who intentionally and/or maliciously disregards, manipulates, intimidates or otherwise harasses a Chemung Speedrome official decision via Social Media postings, private messages, text messages or in any way electronically that degrades the track, its management or officials will be subject to Team Disqualification and/or Fine, Suspension, Loss of Points and/or other action determined appropriate by Track Management. Financial penalty to be determined by Track Management.

The use of Social Media by any person to promote negative/derogatory publicity towards Chemung Speedrome in any manner will subject them to Team Disqualification, Fine, Suspension, Loss of Points, Financial Penalty and/or any other action deemed appropriate by Chemung Speedrome management and officials.


Chemung Speedrome expects and requires that all persons who enter this facility conduct themselves in a respectable and professional manner and display proper sportsmanship.

During any race there is to be NO STOPPING on the racetrack under yellow flag conditions to argue about your car position, if you stop you WILL GO TO THE REAR. Scorer's will put you in the correct position.

If at any point during your feature race you are the involved in bringing the caution flag out 3 times, you will be black flagged and sent to the pits, not to return to the race

You must maintain at least the pace you had at the restart line. If you slow down after the restart line, you will be subject to be sent to the rear of the field. No jump starts. There will be double file restarts for the entire race, unless otherwise noted, no matter how many caution flags.

All actions and activities deemed to be detrimental, including but not limited to, the use of verbal and physical abuse, profanity, or threats against Chemung Speedrome management, staff, officials, and/or employees will not be tolerated and violators will be dealt with accordingly.

Threatening an official includes verbal, physical, and any hand or body gestures. The threatening party(ies) will be suspended for a minimum one week with a minimum $100.00 fine. Any points and money earned will also be taken.

Drivers running at excessive speeds in the pit area as determined at the discretion of the officials, will be disqualified from all competition for the remainder of the racing program. Pit speed 5 mph. A $100.00 fine maybe assessed to anyone driving erratically or speeding in the pit area.

No personal vehicles in the pit area until all events are completed unless authorized by Chemung Speedrome officials.

All drivers and crew members are to wear shirts and some sort of foot wear at all time while in the pit area.

Drivers shall be held responsible for actions of all those associated with his/her car, including but not limited to, car owners, sponsors, crew, family members, wives and girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends and will be penalized accordingly.

All drivers when leaving the track after warm ups or races are to leave your helmets and gloves on until you are back in the pit area. No taking gloves or helmets off while still on the race track.

If you enter another person's pit area without permission, you will be subject to removal from Chemung Speedrome for the rest of that race date. This also applies when vehicle is parked in the staging area or disabled on the race track. If an altercation happens, the intruder will be subject to other penalties as deemed appropriate by Chemung Speedrome. The race director or Ray Hodge has the discretion to make this determination on the spot.

Drugs & Alcohol, mandatory suspension for any member using drugs at any time or intoxication beverages before entering race premises or while in attendance until last event is complete. All members consent to drug and alcohol testing at discretion of the Speedway. Any driver, owner or pit crew violating this rule will result in disqualification of the car and loss of purse and points and possible suspension for the remaining race season and or a fine. No glass bottles allowed on grounds.
All trailers must be open for inspection at the pit gate.

Absolutely no tires or oil are be dumped on Speedrome grounds. All disposals of all fluids and tires are the responsibility of the car driver. Driver is also responsible for clean up in his or her pit stall at the end of the event. All tires left will cost the driver $50.00 per tire left and must be paid before returning to compete in the next race.

Chemung Speedrome shall govern the procedures for protests, as set forth by the Speedrome rules and apply to all divisions. All protests must be in writing and filed with the Head Tech inspector at the tech building within 10 minutes of finish of the race as determined by the drop of the checkered flag The Head Tech Inspector will notify the Race Director or Ray Hodge of the protest. The race director or Ray Hodge has the right to accept or reject any and all protests. If the protest requires examination and/or tear down of the protested car, only three designated individuals from the protested crew and one designated individual from the protesting crew may be present in the impound area.

VISUAL PROTEST, such protest must be filed before the start of the feature event or race in which violation is alleged. Visual protest shall be interpreted to mean any protest relating to equipment which is outwardly visible, including that located underneath hoods or the covering accessible to observations without the use of tools except weight requirement. Speedway has sole discretion in interpretation of what constitutes a visual protest. Speedway has the right to inspect cars for visual violation of the rules.

NON VISUAL, Protests must be filed within 10 minutes after completion of event determined by the drop of the checkered flag. Only the top five (5) cars may protest a car that finishes ahead of their car on the same lap. IF YOU FILE A PROTEST YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR CAR TO BE CHECKED FOR THE SAME ITEM AS THE PROTESTED CAR. Protest must be in writing as previously stated. Protest fee is $100.00 and must accompany protest and is limited to use of carb tools, rear gear ratio, compression ratio test, weights and tire durometer. $50.00 of protest fee will go to tech official and if the car is deemed legal the balance goes to the protested car, if illegal the balance will go to the protester. Top end of engine is ( Intake manifold ) is $200.00 with $50.00 going to tech official, ( one cylinder head removed ) is $300.00 with $75.00 going to tech official, Bottom end of engine is $400.00 ( oil pan, one rod bearing, rod length measurement, crankshaft check ) with $100.00 going to tech official, in all cases above if the protested item is legal the balance of the money minus the tech officials fee will be given to the legal car, if the protested item is illegal then the balance of the money minus the tech officials fee will be returned to the protester.

INSPECTION: All cars are subject to full inspection by a track official at any time while at the speedway. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. Post race disqualification does not require inspection on additional cars. All cars must be prepared for inspection within ½ hour after event.
A tech disqualified DRIVER will start scratch for the next 2 weeks of his feature competition. This will start when the driver returns to the track.

must completely disable the battery from all electrical items. Switch must be within drivers reach and must be clearly marked and in reach of Track Emergency Crew.

DRIVE SHAFT / HOOPS: DRIVE SHAFT must be painted white and must be enclosed by two 360 degree 2 inch wide by ¼ inch thick steel hoops.

FUEL SHUT OFF: The fuel shutoff valve must be able to completely stop the flow of fuel and be within the reach of the driver. No fuel lines allowed in the drivers compartment. Shut off valve must be clearly marked and in reach of Track Emergency Crew. This rule will be enforced in all classes

FIRE EXTINGUISHER: All cars must contain a track approved fully charged fire extinguisher with gauge, in proper working condition with a current inspection tag. The extinguisher must be secured in the drivers compartment within convenient reach of the driver. The installation is subject to Track Officials approval.

A one way radio system (receive only) is mandatory in all divisions.

Track radio frequency is 454.000.

All roll bars or cage bars must have padding to protect the driver from direct contact with roll bars or cage bars and it is highly suggested that padding meets SFI 45.1 standards.

A track approved quick release steel coupling on the steering is mandatory. The center of the wheel must be padded. (4 cylinder class it is highly recommended).

Tires allowed and procedures are in your divisions rule book.

NOTICE: A participant competing in any race at Chemung Speedrome/Spencer Speedway specifically agrees that he/she acknowledges it is illegal to soak or treat racing tires and that said soaking or treatment of racing tires is subject to disqualification from race, forfeiting of the event points and monies of that race, forfeiting all previous points earned that season and subject to suspension, determined by Chemung Speedrome/Spencer Speedway Officials.

No traction control of ant type allowed. Anyone caught with a traction control device, operative or not, will be suspended indefinitely and lose all points.

All added weights must have minimum of two ½ diameter bolts, that are secured to the frame rail. No welding or straps. Must be painted white and have the car number on it.

WINDOW NETS: must be the ribbon web design, no string styles allowed.



HELMETS: All drivers must wear a SA2010 or newer SNELL approved full face helmet. No motorcycle helmets permitted.

All drivers in the Sunoco Modified class must have an approved Hans or Hutchens device. It is strongly recommended that the Super Stock and 4 cylinder classes also have them.

IGNITION CUT OFF SWITCH: All open wheel cars must have an ignition cut off switch, it will be checked and must be operable. see the rulebook.

SEAT AND SEAT BELTS: Drivers seat must be aluminum only and mounted to the frame and or cage with six ( 6 ) 3/8 inch grade 5 bolts, four bolts on the bottom and two on the back with washers. A full containment seat with head rest attachment is required.

Seat belts must be 5 point restraints with quick release buckle and meet SFI 16.1 specifications. We encourage that undamaged belts be replaced every 36 months. The date sewn into the webbing must be present and can be used as a guide for replacement. In cases where the seat belt is known to be "new old stock" it is acceptable to extend the replacement date on that set of belts, this is up to the desecration of Chemung Speedrome officials.

WEARING APPAREL: All drivers must wear a clean one piece SFI 3.2a drivers suit, quilted and/or with Nomex underwear, head socks, gloves, foot socks and shoes must meet SFI specifications.

Note: NO Aluminum harmonic balancers, must be steel.

DISCLAIMER: Any rules that are missing or that are typed incorrectly,the track can/will clarify at time of discovery.

Disqualified means that the car and any competitor affiliated with it will be treated as if it did not start the race, thus forfeiting any monies, awards, and championship points it may have otherwise been entitled to.

Anything not covered in this rule book needs to be addressed with a tech official BEFORE you decide to do something. If you have not cleared it with a tech official, It will be demeaned Illegal and part or parts will be confiscated and not returned!

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