SUNOCO Modified Crate Engine Option

There will be a weight allowance of 100 lbs. given for crate engines. Chemung Speedrome may alter these provisions at anytime. Engines without the original seals will not receive the 100 lb. weight break.

  Unaltered and sealed GM crate engines P/N 88958604. Engine must be used. Any crate engines that are inspected and are altered or missing GM sealed bolts will be disqualified and suspended for one year and fined $1500.

  NO REBUILDING. Engine must remain stock. The Speedrome must approve any leakage repair problems to the engine prior to the work being started or completed. Any changed parts will deem the motor illegal.

  Track officials reserve the right to impound, inspect, replace, and/ or have an independent engine builder inspect and test any competitors crate engine at any time.

  Crate engines will be subjected to the same engine tech as non-crate engines. Any team found to have altered, tampered with and/or removed any engine seal(s) will be subject to IMMEDIATE disqualification form the event. All points and monies for that event will be forfeited. Suspension and any other penalties will be at track official discretion. Any seals that are in question by track officials will result in the engine being declared ineligible for competition. Track officials may impound the ineligible engine for further inspection and/ or return it to an authorized crate engine dealer, at the expense of the team, for engine re-certification. If at the conclusion of the testing, the engine has been declared altered, modified or tampered with, the offending team(s) will be subject to disqualification from all event, loss of all points and money, fines, suspensions, confiscation of engine, an indefinite suspension and or additional fines and penalties as deemed appropriate by the track officials.

  Carburetor: Holley box stock (part # 0-80541-1), series 4150, 650 CFM. No exceptions, carburetor must be securely fastened to the intake manifold in the stock location with one .0625 (1/16th) or smaller gasket. No spacers or drop in spacers, alterations, physical changes, machining, reshaping or tampering with any part of the original parts internal or external is prohibited. Only genuine Holley parts are permitted, subject to inspection by the head tech official.

  Any 604 crate engine is eligible to compete in the Sunoco Modified division. All existing 604 engines that are not purchased at the track specified dealers must be re-certified in order to compete in this division.

  MSD-6ALN box chipped at 6400. Only one ignition system permitted in the car. Must be equipped with NAPA quick disconnect connector. Ignition maybe exchanged at any time by tech officials and required chip cover as directed by officials. Must be mounted out of reach of driver. All ignition wires must be visible for inspection.

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