SUNOCO Modified Two-Way Radio Rules

Chemung Speedrome Directive 19-001

**Effective Immediately **
Two Way Radios, Sunoco Modified Division Only

  1. Two way radios are an option for the Sunoco Modified Division only.

  2. All teams using two way radios must submit their radio frequency to the race director prior to its use.

  3. Any team that does not report their frequency to the race director and is found to be using a two way radio will be subject to disqualification.

  4. The frequencies will be monitored by track officials, any use of the radio for any reason other than to protect the safety of drivers and cars will be dealt with by track officials.

   5. If track officials feel anyone is using the radio to block, radio drive, retaliate or for any negative impact on a race the driver will be dealt with accordingly by track officials to include disqualification and or banned from using two way communication.

   The request for two way communication for the Sunoco Modified Division has been made for several years.

   We feel this will be a great test to get the full effect of two way communication at the unique Chemung Speedrome. Driver Safety is our #1 concern. We feel at this time the positives outweigh the negatives and are willing to give this a shot. Just like everything else in this business, this will only work if everyone uses the radios for their intended purpose, which is to avoid on track incidents, help speed up the show with the added communication to the driver and simply another set of eyes for the drivers. We will monitor radios closely and anything deemed to be a detriment will be dealt with immediately and without question.

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